RoobopoliTM - promoted by Bluenet and Perlatecnica

Globally, we are witnessing a sharp acceleration in AV (Autonomous Vehicle) technologies investments. Autonomous vehicles are revolutionizing the world of cars. It is hard to predict accurately market evolutions, but it is affirmed that 17% of vehicles will be semi-driven or completely autonomous by 2025. This acceleration coincides with advances in electronics, IT and with the development of new sensors and protocols for IoT, imaging, radar, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Simultaneously, it is necessary to increase the skills in this sector.

Bluenet and Perlatecnica developed Roobopoli (Fig.1), an innovative educational tool, which reproduces a miniature city (Roobopoli), where the Roobokarts (Fig.2) (autonomous driving) circulate. It allows to simulate and test various smart mobility technologies. In fact, Roobopoli is an educational lab that reproduces the autonomous driving problems and allows you to test and develop innovative technological solutions. It increases the skills of students, technicians, engineers and operators in those sectors through an experimental and fun approach.


Inside the MetroInd4.0&IoT 2020 IEEE Student Hackathon, Bluenet and Perlatecnica promote the Roobopoli Challenge! It is open to teams of students from all over the world, who will compete with Roobokarts.

During the event there will be a large Roobopoli – size: 3x3 meters - and each team will receive the necessary materials to build their own Roobokart.

The challenge is divided in two phases. In the first phase, that will take place in Day 1 (June 4, 2020) each team has to build its own Roobokart implementing the basic functions. The vehicle will move autonomously on the streets of Roobopoli being on track, respecting signals and traffic lights and avoiding obstacles and incidents. A jury of experts evaluates the behavior of the vehicle, awarding bonus and penalties and decreeing a provisional ranking.

In the second phase, that will take place in Day 2 (June 5, 2020) the teams will instead be called to propose and implement innovative ideas regarding possible new features and extensions of the Roobopoli project. For the development, organizers provide additional boards, sensors, wireless communication systems, etc. The jury evaluates the originality of the idea, the realization of the project in “prototype mode” (PoC), assigning a score to the teams that, added to the score obtained in the first phase, will determine the final ranking.

The team that has achieved the highest score will be the winner of the Challenge Roobopoli!

  1. First Place: € 300, An exclusive plaque and a Discovery kit with STM32MP157C MPU
  2. Second Place: STM32 Evaluation board

Eventually, other prizes will be announced during the event.

Winners will be awarwed during the closing ceremony on June 5, 2020


Roobokarts, Sensors and Actuators, Expansion Boards (Provided by Organization).

The open source code is available at the link [CLICK HERE]

The installation procedure of the toolchain is at the following link [CLICK HERE]

Participants MUST bring their PC with a Windows Operating System


The Organization reserves the right to make any changes to “Challenge Roobopoli” at any time without advance notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

All applications should be received by May 10, 2020.

Teams don't need to submit proposals before the Challenge.
The Committee suggests to download and install the toolchain available HERE and to take a look at the open source code available HERE.

  • Organizing and Technical Committee
  • Antonio G.M. Strollo (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Davide Borrillo (Bluenet)
  • Francesco Bonavolontà (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Mauro D’Angelo (Perlatecnica)
  • Michele Riccio (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Nicola Fedele (Bluenet)
  • Rosario Schiano Lo Moriello (University of Naples Federico II)

  • Where

Università Campus Bio Medico di Roma
Via Alvaro del Portillo, 21
Roma, Italy

  • When

June 4-5, 2020


IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society
Region 08 - Europe,Middle East,Africa
Italy Section
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Italy Section SEN Chapter
Italy Section C Chapter
Italy Section EMB Chapter
Italy (North) Section IE/IA/PEL Joint Chapter
Italy Section SMC Chapter



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