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Antonella Gaspari

Polytechnic of Bari


Emanuela Natale

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Smart manufacturing involves many innovative requirements a tight connection between physical and digital systems (the cyber physical world), the capability of managing and processing in nearly real time very huge amount of data (Big Data), the ability of managing production plans in a very flexible way with reference to strongly automated and interconnected production lines (M2M). Further, the interactions between man and machine (H2M) change, to enhance the process/product quality. All these requirements ask for new approaches for measurement systems and techniques in order to make effective the capability of transforming data into useful information for decision makers. Integration of techniques concerning virtual testing and measurements seems to be very interesting from both a technical and economical point of view. All the steps of the measurement process are involved transducer selection and installation, sensor calibration, system modelling and its interaction with sensors, sensor fusion and networking, data acquisition and data processing methods and algorithms, measurement uncertainty modelling and management Management of measurement systems and validation techniques are also noteworthy in this scenario.


Giulio D’Emilia is full professor at DIIIE (Department of Industrial Engineering and Informatics and of Economics) of the L’Aquila University ( where he is responsible of the Labs for mechanical and thermal measurements). Prof Giulio D’Emilia is also Vice President of CEEES (Confederation of the European Environmental Engineering Societies) and responsible for L’Aquila University of many international cooperation agreements. Furthermore, he is operating for L’Aquila University the project “Lead The future”, a national initiative for dissemination of procedures and best practices of theoretic and experimental procedure in the field of environmental and social sustainability (Sustainability and Society 4 0). Prof. Giulio D’Emilia and his research group (composed by environmental, mechanical, managerial and information engineers) devote their activity to multidisciplinary and integrated applications. He is author or coauthor of more than 150 papers published on international and Italian journals, international and national conferences. In these papers the main results of his research activity are described, mainly concerning the development of new sensors, in particular of optical type, sensor integration in industrial scenarios and uncertainty management in complexes measurement processes. He got some experience in case studies related to the development of certified management systems for quality, environment, safety, food safety and maintenance. New engineering approaches are deeply studied, like lean manufacturing, six sigma, lean six sigma,...

Antonella Gaspari, graduated in Management Engineering at University of L’Aquila, in 2012. At the same University, in 2016, she obtained her Ph.D. in Mechanical, Energetic and Industrial Engineering. In 2014, she spent a study period at Fraunhofer IPK (Berlin, Germany), managing a research project for sensor-based condition monitoring applications. Since 2021 she is Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Bari, in mechanical and thermal measurements and systems. Her main research activities concern the following topics: energy and product/process quality measurements and management systems in industrial scenarios; vibration and acoustic emission measurements for condition monitoring of tool machines; development of tools for experimental data processing and measurement-based decision-making activities.

Emanuela Natale, graduated in Environmental Engineering in 2000. She has been working as a researcher at the Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics of the University of L’Aquila, since 2001. She got a Ph D degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. She has obtained the National Scientific Qualification to function as associate professor in Italian Universities in 2018. She currently works as Assistant Professor at DIIIE, in the field of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements. She is coauthor of more than 80 papers published on international and italian journals and conferences. In the last years her research focuses, in particular, on condition monitoring and diagnostics of industrial systems, uncertainty assessment for complex measuring systems, inspection techniques based on vision systems and Artificial Intelligence, sensors calibration issues, in particular with reference to digital sensors.

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