April 16 - 18, 2018


Brescia, Italy


Special sessions have the main aim of creating a mini-workshop on a specific topic, where researchers working on the same argument can make knowledge, familiarize, exchange ideas, create cooperation.
Special Sessions are being developed by designated chairs.

If you, as an author, have a paper that could be included in one of these sessions, you may submit an abstract selecting your favourite session. If the abstract is not selected for the session, it may be included in another part of the technical program.

To submit abstracts or draft papers to the special session, please follow the submission instructions for regular sessions, but remind to specify the special session to which the paper is directed.

List of Special Sessions

Special Session 1: Perception Methods to Enhance the Role of the Man in the Loop (for I4.0 Applications)

     Organized by: Mariolino De Cecco, University of Trento, Italy

Special Session 2: Synchronization for Internet of Things

     Organized by: Francesco Lamonaca, University of Sannio, Italy and Domenico Luca Carnì, University of Calabria, Italy

Special Session 3: Measurement Systems and Approaches for Smart Manufacturing

     Organized by: Giulio D'Emilia, L'Aquila University , Italy

Special Session 4: Smart Measurement Systems for on-line Quality Control

     Organized by: Nicola Paone, Università Politecnica delle Marche , Italy

Special Session 5: Measurement Systems in the Industrial IoT Era

     Organized by: Dennis Brandão, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil and Emiliano Sisinni, University of Brescia, Italy

Special Session 6: Robust Communication Protocols for IoT

     Organized by: Angelo Cardellicchio, Cataldo Guaragnella and Vincenzo Di Lecce, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

Special Session 7: Embedded vision methods and systems for edge-computing and IoT applications

     Organized by: Giovanna Sansoni, University of Brescia, Italy

Special Session 8: Standards and Technologies for CyberSecurity of IoT and Industry 4.0 (SecStandards)

     Organized by: Raphael Machado, Inmetro - National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, Brazil

Special Session 9: LTE Measurements and Optimization

     Organized by: Nicola Pasquino, Stefano Avallone and Stefania Zinno, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Special Session Proposal

Are you interested in organizing a special session?

Please, contact the Technical Program Chairs, using the form at this page.

Call for Special Sessions

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